Considerations For Launching Cremation Fireworks

If your loved one was cremated and you're looking for something unique to do with the cremated remains, you'll likely scour the internet — and be presented with a long list of unconventional ideas. While some people like the traditional ideas of keeping the remains in an urn inside the home or scattering them outside, there are many alternative ideas that might resonate with you. You'll find that there are several companies that will take the cremated remains, load them into fireworks, and then sell you the fireworks for you to launch. It may be a fitting tribute to a late loved one to send his or her remains high into the air with a bang, but you'll want to keep some considerations in mind.

Pick A Fitting Date

You don't need to be in a rush to set off the fireworks that contain your loved one's cremated remains as soon as you receive them. For example, if your loved one has passed away during the winter, you'll want to wait until the summer for this event. It can be nice to pick a fitting date. For example, you might not wish to launch them on Memorial Day or Independence Day, as other fireworks may be launching in the area and could be distracting. One idea is to launch the fireworks on your late loved one's birthday or on the first anniversary of his or her passing.

Plan A Small Ceremony

While you might wish to simply launch the fireworks as you would do with any other fireworks, it's nice to think of some type of ceremony that you can hold to make this occasion feel more special. Even though the funeral is likely long over, you can have a funeral-like event with either your family or perhaps with a few select attendees. You don't need to read a eulogy and have a formal service, but asking people to share some memories before you set off the fireworks may be appropriate.

Choose The Right Location

Obviously, local laws will partially dictate from where you set off the fireworks. And, you'll definitely want to brush up on the safety rules of doing so. Generally, though, it's nice to pick a special location. In many cases, an area that isn't overly crowded can be suitable — you don't want random people seeing that you have fireworks and coming over to watch you while cheering for the launch.

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