3 Funeral Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Funeral pre-planning is not exactly a new concept or idea. However, just because it is a practice that has been around for some time does not mean that everyone is going about it the right way. In terms of success, you can only expect your plans to be beneficial when you plan correctly. Make sure you know what mistakes you need to avoid to ensure you are on track. 1. Overlooking Researching [Read More]

Cremation Facts For The Family Of The Deceased

When someone dies, their next of kin must make the appropriate funeral arrangements. During this time, family members must choose the type of funeral they want, including whether they want their loved one to be cremated or buried intact. Cremation is an excellent option, but people without much experience with funeral planning may not know what it entails. Here are four facts that family members of the deceased will want to know: [Read More]

Plan Your Own Cremation Service

As you plan your own cremation service, focus on two things. One of the things you'll want to address is the financial portion of your cremation service. The other part will be the actual service itself, the part where friends and family members gather to say their farewells. The Expense Portion When you meet with an agent at your chosen funeral home, he or she will be very happy to go over every single detail that needs to be addressed. [Read More]