Different Types Of Headstones

Planning a funeral is stressful not only because of grief but also because you want to choose a headstone that accurately depicts the life led by your loved one. There are several types of gravestones available and the type you choose is dependent on several factors, including cost, space, and personal preference. Here are a few of the most common types of gravestones. Upright Headstone This is the most popular headstone that consists of two pieces: a base and a tablet. [Read More]

Why Size Matters When Ordering A Custom Grave Headstone

When you're ordering a custom grave headstone for a loved one, you'll have to make a lot of decisions. You'll have to choose the material that is used to create the headstone, for example, and you'll have to decide what will be put on it. You will also have to decide the size of the headstone. You shouldn't make a too-quick decision about the size of the headstone. Instead, this is something you'll want to put some serious thought into. [Read More]

3 Urn Shapes To Consider For A Cremated Fishing Enthusiast

When a person who has enjoyed fishing for much of his or her life is planning his or her own funeral and wants to be cremated, this person will often request to have the cremated remains scattered in a favorite fishing spot. This won't always be the case, however. In other situations, the fishing enthusiast will want his or her cremated remains kept with the family.  In such a scenario, you'll want to select an appropriate urn for this important job. [Read More]

Tips For Offering Memory Stones At A Funeral

A special touch that you can offer at a funeral for a loved one is to give attendees the option of writing down a memory about the person who has passed. Traditionally, a stack of index cards and a jar of pens can allow you to execute this idea, but you might want to take an approach that is a little different. Memory stones can be a good idea — a series of stones left on a table in the room can give people a creative medium for writing a brief recollection or sentiment. [Read More]