3 Urn Shapes To Consider For A Cremated Fishing Enthusiast

When a person who has enjoyed fishing for much of his or her life is planning his or her own funeral and wants to be cremated, this person will often request to have the cremated remains scattered in a favorite fishing spot. This won't always be the case, however. In other situations, the fishing enthusiast will want his or her cremated remains kept with the family. 

In such a scenario, you'll want to select an appropriate urn for this important job. Although there's nothing wrong with choosing a traditional urn made of wood, metal, or another material, many urn manufacturers produce urns that are specifically tailored toward those who enjoyed fishing. Here are some styles to consider.

1. Tackle Box

You may be able to find an urn that is shaped like a tackle box. These urns can be so realistic that you might swear you're looking at an actual tackle box from afar, but this container is indeed an urn. Tackle box urns are commonly available in several colors, so you can find one that is the same color as the tackle box that your deceased loved one used for years, or you can find one that will suit the look of the room in your home in which it will live.

2. Bobber

A red and white spherical plastic bobber is an object that is instantly recognizable for anglers, and this is a look that some urn manufacturers mimic with bobber-style urns. This urn is conventionally made out of plastic to look authentic but is obviously much larger than a real fishing bobber. You can find these urns with fishing wording on the exterior or without words. In the latter scenario, you may wish to have the name of your deceased loved one put onto the exterior of the bobber.

3. Fish

Many fishing enthusiasts will keep their larger catches and take them to a taxidermist, who can then prepare the fish for mounting on a wall. You can pay tribute to this idea by choosing a cremation urn that is shaped like a fish. This statue-like urn can be suitable to keep on the mantle or elsewhere in your home where you might display an actual fish. You'll generally have a variety of choices for fish urns, so you can select a type of fish that your loved one often fished for. Speak to your local funeral home or urn retailer to find other suitable options.

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