Plan Your Own Cremation Service

As you plan your own cremation service, focus on two things. One of the things you'll want to address is the financial portion of your cremation service. The other part will be the actual service itself, the part where friends and family members gather to say their farewells.

The Expense Portion

When you meet with an agent at your chosen funeral home, he or she will be very happy to go over every single detail that needs to be addressed. Part of that will be the different costs of cremation. Here are some of the items that will be covered:

  • The transportation services, which include taking the body from the place of death to the funeral home 
  • The climate-controlled facility where the body will be stored before the cremation is performed
  • The cost of the actual cremation 
  • The filing of a death certificate
  • A temporary urn or the cost of a more expensive urn
  • If you are out of the area at the time of your death, a greater charge will probably be required to transport your body

If you decide later on that you would rather have a traditional funeral, the money you paid for the cremation service will be applied to the new charges. Keep all documents in a safe place and let your family know where the documents are being kept.

The Farewell Service

Decide whether you want an intimate service with only close friends and family members present or one that will be open to all of your friends and coworkers.

The Music

If you want music at your cremation service, select your favorite songs. For instance, maybe you want traditional Christian hymns as congregational music. If that's the case, Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art are both very appropriate choices.

Instead of congregational hymns, perhaps you would like instrumental music. If your service is in a place where there is a piano, consider having classical music played by an accomplished musician. If you are having a graveside service, a violin solo or a guitar solo would be beautiful. 

Songs like Time To Say Goodbye and The Wind Beneath My Wings are good choices for a soloist or a duet to perform. 

The Talks

First, decide whether you want family members to give the talks at your cremation service or whether you would be more comfortable asking friends to be the speakers. Either way, ask them ahead of time if they will do that service for you. 

Another idea is for you to write your own talk. If you decide to do that, choose a quiet time when you can reflect on the things you want to include in your talk. Consider sharing tender stories and amusing anecdotes that those present will enjoy hearing. In addition, writing your own talk will give you the opportunity to express love and gratitude for those who have played an important part in your life. 

To learn more about cremation services, contact a company like Danks-Hinski Funeral Home.