Pre-Planning Your Funeral? Consider These 3 Things

Nobody wants to really think about their own funeral, but you may have specific wishes that you want to be carried out when the day comes. That's why you may want to pre-plan your own funeral so that your choices are known. Here are some things to consider that will ensure your funeral goes the way you want.

Burial or Cremation

One of the biggest decisions you'll need to make is if you want to have a traditional burial or cremation done as a way to handle your body. Some religions do not allow for cremation, such as Islam, or they strongly discourage it. This means that you need to make your choice about a burial very clear to loved ones because of what it means to you based on your religious upbringing. However, you'll still want to make your choice known if your religion doesn't make the decision for you. 

Cremation gives you plenty of options for what you want to have happen to your body. You can have the ashes put into an urn that is kept by a family member, or even have the urn placed in a mausoleum. Some people even prefer to have the ashes scattered in a specific place that was memorable for them. A burial does bring up many possibilities for casket options as well, since there is a huge range of options to pick from.

Open or Closed Casket

Another aspect of a funeral that is often debated is if you want to have an open or closed casket for the funeral service. Sometimes the nature of the death will answer this question for you, but when the body is in good condition, it gives you an option for how it is treated. Some people prefer viewing the body because it gives them closure. Others may find it awkward because their loved one doesn't look like they remember them the last time they see them. The choice can be up to you if you make your wishes known.

Ceremony Options

There are plenty of things that you can decide on for a funeral ceremony, which range from the type of flowers that you have displayed to the type of music that will be playing. If you have strong preferences, let them be known so that it can be carried out as you wish. If you do not let it be known, your loved ones are going to do what they think is best and what they believe you would have wanted. 

Talk to a funeral service, such as Shepherd Funeral Home, to start planning an arrangement.