Is Cremation Right For You?

Funeral homes such as Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel offer a number of services to their patrons, including cremation. Cremation is the process of reducing human remains to ash with the help of large furnaces. The ashes, called cremains, can then be buried, scattered, or stored at home. Many people choose cremation for themselves and their loved ones. Cremation may be the right option for you if the following things are true:

1. You have a budget. 

Cremation is a budget-friendly option. People who choose cremation can forgo other expenses, such as embalming. Cremains can be scattered in certain public areas, which allows families to forgo the expense of a funeral plot as well. Direct cremation is the most affordable option available. When families choose this option, the body of their loved one will be taken directly to the funeral home from the morgue. Their loved ones' remains will be cremated immediately, without the need for additional storage.

2. You'd like to postpone your funeral. 

Cremation is a good option for people who would like to postpone their funerals for any reason. Human remains can be stored for several days, especially once they have been embalmed. However, intact remains cannot be stored indefinitely. If you'd like to postpone your funeral for a season due to the threat of covid-19 or your family members' availability, cremation can make that possible. Cremains are sterile and can be stored in an urn for any length of time. Some people even choose to retain the ashes of their loved ones permanently for their sentimental value. 

3. Your religious beliefs allow for cremation. 

Some people avoid cremation for religious reasons because their religions specify that bodies must be buried intact. However, many religions are open to cremation. You may be surprised to find that cremation is an option for you. If you're interested in this funeral service but you have reservations, you can speak to your faith leader to ask for more information. Many funeral homes employ chaplains who would be happy to speak to potential clients who are interested in learning more about cremation and religion. 

4. You prefer cremation for personal reasons. 

Some people prefer cremation for personal reasons. If the idea of being embalmed or interred bothers you, cremation is an excellent option. You can speak to your family members about your desire to be cremated after your death. You can also specify your cremation wishes in a living will before your passing.