How To Plan An Ocean Ash Scattering For A Deceased Family Member

If you're having a loved one cremated, you may want to scatter some of their ashes. If you plan on doing this in the ocean, here are some measures you'll want to take. 

Work With a Professional Company

There are some important things you need to work out when scattering ashes into the ocean. Rather than trying to plan everything out alone and potentially facing obstacles, it might be better to get help from a professional company that offers these services regularly for families in your position.

They'll have the vessel for transportation, a crew that can accommodate you, and representatives that can plan out this ash scattering in a legal and methodical manner. Thus, you won't risk something getting in the way of this special occasion. You also won't have to do much because the company you hire will already have the resources to make this ash scattering a possibility.

Think About Holding a Ceremony

If you want to make this ocean ash scattering event special for everyone in attendance, then you might want to hold a ceremony. Every guest in attendance will then be able to gather around the vessel and remember their loved one before their ashes are distributed in the ocean.

When planning this ceremony, think about things like who's going to speak at it, what things you want to highlight about the loved one, and what you want guests to take from this event as a whole. Then you'll be fully prepared on the day of this service. 

Select a Port

An important aspect of planning sea ash scattering from a logistics standpoint is determining which port you're going to depart from. You want to make sure you choose wisely so that you don't have any speed bumps getting in the way of this important occasion for you and your family.

Think about what the nearest port is based on where you live, as well as consider how far guests will have to travel. If you can choose a port that's as close to everyone as possible, that's going to make this ocean-scattering experience much more convenient. Or you might choose a port that had significance for the loved one who's no longer with your family. Once you pick a port location, you can iron out more of the specifics with ease. 

Some families decide to scatter their deceased loved one's ashes in the ocean as this is a beautiful way to honor their life. If you're doing the exact same thing, make sure you create tangible plans and work with a company to ensure everything works out for the best. For more information on ocean ash scattering, contact a professional near you.