3 Reasons To Consider Cremation

If you are trying to determine whether or not you would like to be buried or cremated when you pass away, there are a lot of benefits to both. This is often a very touchy subject for people and it is something that is very important to consider. Loved ones will appreciate knowing what you would like done with your remains, so it is important to let them know your decision. Cremation is a very respectable option and one that many people choose. Here are three reasons why you should consider cremation services.

Your Ashes Can Be Distributed To Loved Ones

Those who love you will treasure the opportunity to have a piece of you with them, even after you have passed away. If you choose to be cremated, then there will be a great deal of ashes that can be distributed to your loved ones. They will likely keep these ashes in a very prominent and special place in their homes, such as in an urn on a mantle. The ashes can also be spread in the outdoor areas that you loved, so that you are essentially a part of the land that you love, after you have passed.

Reduce Funeral Costs

While some people plan for funeral costs, others do not. This leaves the burden of paying for the funeral on your family. If you are looking to reduce your funeral costs, then cremation is a good choice. If you choose to be cremated, then a coffin and burial lot within the cemetery are not necessary. You also won't have to have a headstone made either. Since these are some of the biggest expenses for a funeral, this can cut the cost a great deal.

Your Body Can Be Used For Science

If you want to help with future medical research, then donating your body to science after you pass is the way to do this. If you choose to be cremated, then the parts and areas of your body that can help make steps forward in the medical field will be used before you are cremated. This doesn't affect your ashes at all, and your loved ones will still have your ashes to use for the funeral service and to keep with them.

Cremation is an excellent option if you would liked your loved ones to have a piece of you even after you pass on, if you would like to reduce your funeral costs, and if you like the idea of having your body used for scientific and medical research and advances.