Three Reasons Why You Should Always Plan Funerals In Advance

Life is uncertain; eat dessert first. You have probably heard that saying before. However, it applies to more than just eating dessert. In fact, the saying comes from a historical tale about a king who always made a point of eating dessert first, as those who were trying to poison him would always stick the poison in the main meal, and then the king would never get to eat dessert, which he considered the best part of any meal. That said, you could also say that life is uncertain; always plan your funeral in advance. Here is why.

You Do Not Know How or When You Are Going to Go

Most people assume that they will die of natural causes, or at least die a nice old age. Given the number of ways in which you could pass away, you cannot know with absolute certainty how you will go. Only those who have a definitive health condition that shortens one's life span know how their lives will end, and even then, they only know the how, and not the when. Additionally, doctors that give an estimated length of time left for patients with critical illnesses are really only making an educated guess. By planning ahead, you remove some uncertainties that might worry friends and family, when they are already worried about your health.

Funerals Are Getting More and More Expensive

Final and funeral expenses are getting more costly. Sometimes it has everything to do with the size of the coffin or casket needed. At other times it is because of the location of the cemetery, or the distance between the funeral home and the burial halfway across the country. However, most funeral-related costs are expected to keep growing. Planning and paying in advance for your funeral expenses now means that your family will not pay the potentially higher costs later.

Burial Plots May Be at a Premium

If you called to talk to any cemetery groundskeepers, you would know that burial plots are at a premium. Once all the plots are purchased, the cemetery is considered "full," even if all of the plots do not have "tenants" yet. If you wait too long to claim and purchase your family's burial plots, you may not have any. Surviving family members would have to find plots elsewhere, or opt for cremation or entombment in a mausoleum, which is often more costly because you are "buried" above ground.