Pros & Cons of an Outdoor Funeral Service

Although your initial thought when planning a funeral service for a deceased loved one may be to have the event take place in a funeral home, you may alternatively consider an outdoor service. If so, local funeral home services can help you prepare for this event by setting up chairs, providing a portable sound system, and offering any other details that you'll need to make the event go smoothly.

Before you make a firm commitment about the location of the service, it's a good idea to carefully evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of having the service take place outdoors. Here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro: An Outdoor Setting Can Be Peaceful

Provided that you hold the funeral service in the right location, opting for an outdoor service may offer a high degree of peacefulness. A service in a park, for example, may be pleasing — the sun glistening off a nearby pond, birds chirping in the trees, and a gentle breeze can all be pleasurable elements that the funeral attendees will appreciate. This idea may further work well if the person who has passed enjoyed being outdoors.

Con: Weather Can Be an Issue

Perhaps the biggest threat to an outdoor funeral is that the weather can be unpredictable. Rain and even heavy winds can be detrimental to the service. To avoid such issues, you may need to rent a large tent, which can be expensive. Unlike some outdoor events, you can't really set a date for the funeral and provide an alternative rain date if inclement weather is present, so you and the attendees may have to endure poor weather.

Pro: It Can Suit Huge Crowds

One reason to consider an outdoor funeral service is when you expect a significant turnout to the event. While most funeral homes can accommodate large numbers of attendees, an outdoor setting can offer more space. You'll want to check with your local funeral home to determine how many people it can hold, and then evaluate this number against the turnout that you expect.

Con: Issues Can Disrupt the Peace

Tranquility is imperative during a funeral service, but this can sometimes be difficult to achieve at an outdoor service. The location that you select goes a long way toward determining whether you'll have peace and quiet or not, but certain things can disrupt the proceedings. For example, if you're having the service in a park by a lake, loud jet skis racing around the water will be disruptive.