What To Do When A Loved One Passes Away With No Insurance

Losing someone you care about is one of life's great tragedies. It could have been an event that came up out of the blue, leaving you reeling and wondering how to go on. If you're the next of kin and the person didn't have life insurance you might really be dealing with a heavy load. Even though your funds are limited you want to give them the kind of sendoff that is worthy of the life that they lived. Here's what to do when a loved one passes away without having an active life insurance policy.

Don't Be Afraid To Opt For Cremation

When someone dies and you come from a more traditional background it's quite common to think that burial is the only choice. You might not even know anyone who has chosen another route so you may believe that there are no other options.

The truth of the matter is that you do have alternatives. Cremation is a great choice for several reasons. It's very economical because while funeral and burial costs can run as high as $10,000 dollars, the direction cremation process comes in at approximately $1,100 dollars. As you can see, this is a much more manageable figure and if you're able to find a crematory that offers payment plans you won't have to stress yourself out so much.

Also, when you have the body cremated, you get to choose their final resting place. Maybe the person enjoyed a particular spot at the park or went on a yearly vacation at a seaside getaway. Call together a few friends and family members and gather at that spot to spread the ashes in the place that the individual loved so much.

Make Peace Within Yourself About The Situation

It's absolutely vital for you to make peace with the situation that you're dealing with. Don't try to fight down the feelings of despair that may arise when you think about how the person left without making provision for their final expenses. This is to be expected and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it. 

Instead, go see a therapist. Talk through the issue so that you're able to make peace with it and find a resolution.

Getting through the aftermath of an unexpected passing isn't easy but it is doable. Take whatever steps feel comfortable to you so that you're able to move on in your life with fond memories to cherish. Contact a service, like Neptune  Society, for more help.