Is Cremation Always The Best Option?

It is a very personal decision whether you want to be cremated or buried after you die. There are many voices out there who support cremation, and this method has gained more and more popularity. You must seriously think about your options before deciding what you want to do with your body after death. It is not only a matter of spirituality, but also a matter of what's best for the environment and those who are left behind.

Your Loved Ones Will Have You Around

After cremation, the body turns into ashes. The tradition is to keep these ashes in an urn, among people the deceased has loved. You could easily say you still get to be around after your cremation. While burial involves having the ones who cared about you visit you at the burial place, with cremation things are completely different. Perhaps you prefer your ashes to be spread in the wind. This is also an option.

It Is Cheaper to Get Cremated

If the person who is deceased chose to be buried, the family needs to make a financial effort and find a place in a cemetery if the deceased hasn't already taken care of all these matters before dying. A burial place could cost a family or a person a lot of money. Cremation is less expensive and makes it easier for the ones left behind to take care of all the formalities. You can instead spend more money on the funeral home and other important aspects of the afterlife services.

Environmentally Friendly

It has been proven that the caskets in which people are buried are not that environmentally friendly, and neither are the chemicals used to embalm a person. Cremation doesn't have such a harsh impact on the environment. It is a better option if you really care about your children's future. Now there are eco-friendly cremations, also known as eco-cremations. They don't need any natural gases to burn, so the greenhouse effect is attenuated.

It Is Easier for the Loved Ones

If you get buried in a cemetery, your family will either have to pay someone to keep your grave clean, or they will have to do it themselves. This would be another burden for them, aside from the burden of losing someone so dear. After cremation, the urn in which you are put can be taken anywhere in the world. This way, the ones that loved you would not have to be glued to a specific location.

There is a lot of pain and anger when someone passes away. While some prefer to be buried, others choose cremation as a method of saying their last goodbye. For additional information, contact a funeral home like Thomas Funeral Chapels Inc.