Considerations For Holding A Funeral For A Fetus

Should you go through the difficult time of losing a child to a miscarriage, you may feel compelled to have a funeral to honor the child. Not all parents will take this approach, of course, but if it's something that will ease your mind and give you some degree of solace at this time, you should proceed. Contact a local funeral home to explain your situation, and you'll get a chance to sit down with a licensed funeral director who is highly professional and sympathetic to the situation in which you find yourself. Here are some considerations that you'll want to evaluate as you organize this funeral.

Private Funeral

Families who decide to have a funeral for a fetus will typically do so in a private manner. This means that they won't let people know about the funeral in advance, nor will they have the funeral home provide details about the funeral on its website. Although you may want certain people to attend the ceremony, it's more common to only have immediately family members in attendance. In some situations, you might just want the funeral for you and your spouse, and that's perfectly fine, too. Afterward, you may follow up by printing an obituary the states a private funeral was held on a specific day.

Casket Or Urn

Families always need to decide whether they want their deceased loved one to be buried or cremated, and this is true when you've had a miscarriage. There's no right way to approach the situation, but there are some considerations. Should you prefer a burial, you can often find caskets designed for children. They look like regular caskets, but are significantly smaller in size. If cremation is a better choice for you, many urn companies sell urns for children's cremated remains. For example, there are stuffed animals with small urns inside of them.


A significant number of funerals take place in funeral homes, but you may feel so emotional about your loss that you prefer to have the ceremony take place at home. While you should note that funeral homes are highly private, and your funeral director can give you a room and a dedicated entrance to the building so that you don't encounter any other people, you may still feel as though grieving at home is the best choice. In this case, you can count on the funeral home staff to assist you however you want, including transporting the child's casket to your home and setting it up in your living room or wherever you want it.

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